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Wild Kratts belong to themselves.

I just own my imagination!

    His hands were tied and he couldn’t escape.
    Chris panted hard as he tried to get up, but found himself pinned down. There was something heavy on his middle, making it impossible to sit up. He squirmed a bit, trying to get loose, but even though his legs and feet were free, he couldn’t get himself free from whatever was restraining him.
    He blinked hard as a bright light suddenly came into his face, making him squint and glare as he tried to adjust to the bright light. He frowned, lifting his bound hands to try and shade his face, his eyes watering in protest at this bright light.
    There was a loud noise in the air, almost like laughter, but hard and grating at the same time it was deep and rumbling, confusing him. He finally managed to see figures and he felt his heart skip a beat. The animal-fashionista Donita was staring down at him, smiling broadly. Turning to the side, Chris saw Gourmand also hovering overhead, holding something in his hands, but Chris’ eyes were still a bit too blurry to tell what it was. There was a noise ‘above’ him and Chris looked up above him as he lay down and he saw Zach also grinning down at him darkly. He realized very quickly that he was miniaturized and tiny on a huge plate settled in front of Zach.
    Chris glared, trying to get up and shout at them to let him go, but then yelped as the item that gourmand had been holding was lowered, revealing it to be a huge knife. Shaking a little, Chris looked down at himself to see that the item lying on his middle was a fork! The weight of the huge thing was keeping him pinned! He then realized that Zach was the one holding the fork in place and he turned to glare at him, but then stared as he saw Gourmand hand Zach the knife, looking very pleased with himself.
    Confused and frightened, Chris looked up, trying to question them, but then ‘oof’ed as the fork lifted to get poke into his chest! It didn’t penetrate, but it HURT! He squirmed, confused by this, and then his brown eyes went dangerously wide as he saw the knife lower down to him, hovering right in front of his face. He could see his face reflected in the stainless steel, could see how pale and frightened he was!
    As the blade descended to his neck, Chris let out a scream…
    …and jolted upright from his sleeping bag with a gasp, drenched in a cold sweat.
    “Nmmm… Chris?”
    Turning to the side, Chris saw Martin stir sleepily, blinking at him owlishly in the dim light. Taking stock, Chris looked around him.
    He wasn’t miniaturized and in the outback trying to help a platypus get her eggs back. He wasn’t miniaturized and being offered up as a main dish to Zach and Donita and he certainly wasn’t anywhere other than the safe, protected Tortuga! He was in his sleeping bag in the night-room, next to his brother, and he was safe…
    Despite his cold sweat and the trembling of his muscles, Chris forced a smile, saying softly, “I’m okay, bro… Bad dream.”
    “Mm… wanna talk?” Martin murmured sleepily, rubbing his eyes as he started to open the sleeping bag.
    But Chris just reached and grabbing for the edge of Martin’s sleeping bag, tucked his brother in. Martin got the hint and started to drift off to sleep as Chris said, “Just get some shut-eye… I’m getting a drink.” As Martin started to snore again, Chris sighed softly as he got up, padding out of the room and heading to the kitchen.
    As he walked, Chris was thankful for his light sleeping pjs, a simple green t-shirt and green shorts, and he was cooling off quickly which helped to clear his head. He got to the kitchen, the motion sensor lights turning on dim guide-lights, but he ignored it, so used to the kitchen he could find his way blind. He got a glass, and ran some cold water and sipped at it, trying to will his limbs to stop shaking.
    It had been weeks since their adventure with Plato and her eggs, but he was still plagued by nightmares at his close escape with the chef and the other villains. Honestly, Chris had been shocked that the villains had been so utterly at ease with the idea of eating him, and it gave him horrible confirmation that they really did like to pick on anything weaker or smaller than they were.
    He finished his drink and stood at the sink a while longer, his limbs finally relaxing a bit.
    Martin had come in time to save him, but he kept wondering if the chef had REALLY meant to serve him as a dish. What would have happened if Martin hadn’t shown up when he had? Would Zach have REALLY started the meal? Cut him up to share between himself and Donita?
    He tried to tell himself it had all been a bluff, just talk to scare him so that the Kratts would stop interfering with the villains’ plans, but then again, Zach HAD seemed really eager…
    Shaking his head, Chris ran the water again and splashed a little on his face.
    He couldn’t sleep now. He felt too wired and scared, and he knew that any attempt to sleep now would just give him more nightmares. What could he do? He had to get some rest! They were going to a new location for another Creature Adventure tomorrow, and he knew that without the proper rest, he could put himself and Martin into danger if he couldn’t react properly in a tight situation! The creature power suits were amazing, but if the operator was tired, then the creature would be tired too!
    As he poured another glass and sipped, he thought more on the creature power suits, and then paused as when he swallowed, he found the strangest image come into his mind; himself in anaconda-creature form, with a comically rounded belly.
    He almost snorted his water out with a laugh, gigging softly as he recalled their bit of a failure when exploring with the new anaconda power disc… and the way the afternoon had ended. Aviva had scolded the two something fierce for being so ‘reckless’, but those hours he had been able to nap with the swamp in anaconda form with his brother tucked away in his snake-belly had been practically heavenly…
    Smiling, Chris put the glass away, sighing. It had all started as an accident, with Chris as a tiny honey-guide and Martin in falcon form colliding in midair and ending with Martin with a belly-full of his tiny brother. They had both been terrified at the time, but Aviva had been able to reassure them that the suits would protect them, and sure enough, while it had been awkward, in both honey-guide and miniaturized human form, Chris had been safe inside his brother.
    Unfortunately for Aviva, the brothers had found this new aspect AMAZING and had immediately set about exploring and testing it more and more for ‘scientific reason’, which often caused the analyst loads of trouble as the brothers would sneak off either with the miniaturizer or their creature-power suits to ‘experiment’ further and more than once she had walked in on one brother making a meal of the other.
    Chuckling softly, Chris started to head back to the night-room, feeling a little better now.
    Yes, weird as it was, that accident had led to one of the best discoveries on the Tortuga and Chris and Martin LOVED to play with this new strange game. Not just for the science of it, though. There was a… softer side to it. Something that just… gave trust and good feelings and safety and…
    Chris froze.
    He smiled faintly, eyeing the miniaturizer sitting quietly in the corner of the lab. Perhaps his brother would be interested in a late-night snack? It would certainly give him a good night’s sleep! He smiled as he headed towards the machine, starting it up quietly. He smiled as he worked, already envisioning the warm, soft, safe belly of his big brother, knowing how much better he would feel when he was tucked away inside, as mad as that sounded!
    Once the device was humming quietly, he climbed on and pushed the button.
    After the flash had faded, Chris smiled as he easily crawled down the side of the machine, able to do this even with bare feet, and started to walk back along the cool floor to the night-room, looking around him in awe.
    The world was so much different when you were such a tiny size! He felt the biologist in him perking up, staring around him in amazement, wanting to explore this night-time environment, wanting to learn more about the world about him.
    A clatter made him yelp and dive for the cover of a desk leg, and he looked around it meekly, seeing that it was the iguana they were studying shifting about in his cage before going back to sleep.
    His little heart hammering, Chris smiled ruefully to himself. “Maybe I’ll explore later… when my creature power suit is available…” He was curious and adventurous, yes, but he wasn’t stupid. He knew when he was outmatched.
    As he got back to the room, he smiled as he watched his brother sleeping, huddled in the sleeping bag and looking very content. Chris rubbed his arms, feeling the night chill biting into them and he walked forwards, smiling a little shyly as he approached his brother. Hopefully this worked…
    Martin was sleeping soundly, warm and cozy, and with simple, happy dreams.
    As there was a touch on his nose, he blinked awake, asking in a mumble, “Hmmwha?” When he saw his brother in front of him, but teeny, he blinked a few more times, confused. When Chris waved to him and greeted with a quiet, “Hey, bro…” Martin woke himself up completely, smiling a little as he propped himself up on his elbow, rubbing his face. “Hey, bro… What’s up? Why are you tiny? Something go wrong with your drink?”
    Chris rubbed the back of his neck. “N-No… That went fine, but… I…” He sighed and came forwards, sitting down on the bit of the sleeping bag nearest to him. Martin shifted position to lie on his front, watching his brother as he rested his chin on crossed arms. Chris smiled at this, and then frowned a little as he looked to the side. “It… It was a nightmare, not just a bad dream.”
    “Oh, sorry to hear, bro… About what?” Martin asked, using a finger to rub at Chris’ little leg.
    Glad for the gentle touch, Chris rubbed his face. “It… It was with Plato. When… when Gourmand had me… and Zach and Donita… I…” He paused here and hugged himself. “I… dreamed you didn’t get there in time…”
    Martin’s blue eyes widened as he understood the true nature of the nightmare now and he reached a hand forwards, gently scooping up his tiny, 4 inch brother. “Oh, Chris…” he said softly, bringing the little man close and cuddling him to his cheek, feeling Chris cuddling back. He rubbed at the tiny back with delicate fingers. “I did get there in time, bro… You’re safe… It was close, I know, but I did get there to help you out…” There was a tiny nod against his cheek and he could feel that this had upset his brother more than he was letting on. He rubbed at the tiny back again. “Do you want me to go little and keep you company?”
    As Chris pushed away from his cheek, Martin allowed him, smiling down at him gently. His brother looked shy and embarrassed for some reason, and he smiled, assuring him, “I don’t mind! I’ll even be a fluffy creature if you want a living teddy bear to cuddle. I can grab my suit and--” As Chris shook his head, Martin quieted, wondering what his brother had planned.
    Chris was blushing slightly now as his brother watched him expectantly. Oh this was going to be odd… Looking up at the huge blue eyes, Chris said, “I… I do want company, but… not in the way you’re thinking.”
    Martin looked confused, but not annoyed in the slightest. “Well, then in what way?” he questioned.
    Chris smiled as he stood at his full little height. “I’m… I’m four inches tall…”
    The older Kratt blinked. “…yes? And…?” he asked.
    Blushing a little, Chris then proposed, “And the human stomach, at rest, is about 8 inches from end to end?”
    At first, Martin didn’t get it, saying, “Uh, yeah, but what does that have to…” The light bulb went off.  “Oh…”
    He looked down at his little brother with a bit of amusement and Chris smiled hopefully. “Do you mind, bro?” he asked softly.
    “That bad, huh?” Martin questioned gently, moving himself up to his elbows.
    “That bad.” Chris confirmed quietly, his gaze moving upwards to keep his brother’s line of sight. “Please?”
    Martin only smirked a little. “Come here…”
    Chris yelped as the huge hand scooped him right off his feet and he chuckled as he was held carefully as Martin shifting himself to be sitting up in the sleeping bag, looking down at his tiny brother with a gentle smile. He smiled thankfully as he looked up at the huge visage of his older brother’s face, the face he had trusted as long as he could remember, and he grinned as Martin brought him close and nuzzled him like a kitten, the large man murmuring quietly, “Just be gentle inside, okay? You know my tummy gets upset when you roughhouse…”
    “I promise.” Chris said, pushing at the big nose gently.
    He smiled as his brother grinned at him and then opened his mouth, bringing his hand close to his mouth and tipping it, letting Chris slide on the palm to tumble into his mouth, sprawling out on the soft, slick tongue. He giggled as he bounced a little at the sensation, looking behind him to see the mouth closing, leaving him in darkness. But he wasn’t scared in the slightest and he grinned as he lay down flat on his belly, sighing softly.
    The tongue was damp and soft under him, warming his chilly body and he squirmed a little bit as Martin started to roll him around, the tongue shifting and sliding under him so easily. It felt like he was being rolled around like a piece of candy! The thought made him laugh as he was rolled backwards, near to the throat, and he found himself grinning at the oddity of his situation.
    He had had a nightmare about being served as a meal to some of the villains they kept running into. And in order to feel better and get some rest, he was serving himself up as a snack for his brother!
    The humor of the situation was not lost on him and he chuckled as his feet were forced right next to the throat. After squirming a little bit, Chris grinned mischievously and gently pushed his bare feet forwards into the open gullet, feeling the tight, slick tunnel close reflexively around his feet instantly. There was a pause, and then a light suction as a small gulp was sounded. Chris wriggled forwards, showing he was ready for this, and then he yelped as the space in the mouth suddenly vanished as he was squashed between the tongue and the palate.
    He giggled at the sensation, squirming gently.
    Martin smiled as he felt Chris tucked back right on the edge of his tongue, a mere gulp from disappearing down his throat. He held this pose for a moment as he gathered his breath, smiling. He knew he was moving fast tonight, but Chris did look tired, and it was very late. There would be time later onto draw this out and play longer, but for now, his little bro was tired and still a bit unnerved, so it was best to tuck him to ‘bed’ so they could both get some sleep!
    Grinning, he tipped his head back and gave a careful but strong swallow. He felt his tongue push Chris backwards, easing him so very easily into his throat where the muscles seemed to grab hold of his brother, pulling him down into nothingness at the back of his throat, where all his meals vanished to. It seemed strange to do this, knowing that both brothers wanted this to happen while fully aware of what this activity usually meant! Usually this was something deadly, something scary and life-threatening, but between them… it was a fascinating game!
    Martin drew in a small breath as he felt Chris slip down his neck, disappearing at his collar bone, barely able to get his hand in place to feel the tiny lump as it slipped past. Chris was so small, so easily manageable by his body, that it seemed almost rude to Martin! How could his body be so gruff with his little brother?!
    But he chuckled as he felt the tiny form slipping down past his heart, felt the tiny wriggles and squirm. His body was only doing its job, and doing it very efficiently! If they could make Chris go slowly, then there was the risk of choking or of the little man accidently bumping against something he shouldn’t. Not a huge risk, of course, but it was still there.
    Martin shivered a little as he felt the little pressure right above his belly and with a final, simple gulp, he giggled as he felt the slide and tumble of the little form in his very core. He leaned back on one hand while using his right to touch his stomach gently. “Bro? You all right?”
    Chris lay where he had fallen, panting a little bit as he finally got the room to breathe. The trip down had been very, very easy for him. Tight, fast, hot and delightfully slippery! He squirmed a little as he lay in the belly, feeling the soft wrinkles and folds beneath his body, knowing their exact purpose, but not worrying.
    The stomach would try its hardest to grind him up and melt him down into nutrients for Martin, but the poor thing was just wasting its time! Chris was about as nutritional as a rock in this state, and the belly would realize this soon enough!
    His brother’s voice caught his attention and he nodded, reaching out his feet to knead at the wall. “I’m okay, Martin!” he called up, yawning right afterwards. He was so tired… The warmth, the massage on the way down, the feeling of utter protection and safety… Oh, it felt nice…
    Yawning again, Chris curled up a bit, tucking an arm under his head as he snuggled down into the soft, squishy floor. It was such a perfect bed, and thanks to it being the middle of the night, Martin’s dinner had already moved on, leaving the stomach empty and clean. Well, relatively, anyways! There was the slime everywhere, of course, but Chris was able to ignore it, well used to getting coated in the most unmentionable materials during their Creature Adventures!
    As he settled down, his right hand came up near his face. At first it just rested there nearby, but it felt slightly off… Sleepily, Chris opened his mouth and stuck his thumb in, starting to suck quietly. This calmed him instantly and he quickly dropped off to sleep. He would never admit to doing this out loud, but he felt so safe in here, knowing his brother was watching over him.
    Martin couldn’t help a small smirk as he felt Chris settle down, able to picture exactly what his little brother was doing. He had spent enough years sleeping near to his brother to know that his brother sucked his thumb, and honestly, he didn’t care! If it made Chris happy and didn’t impede his ability to do his work, then there was no problem.
    He rubbed lightly at his middle, smiling as he murmured softly, “Night, bro…” He carefully snuggled himself back down into his sleeping bag, sighing softly as he cuddled himself up again, feeling very warm and cozy. He was able to drift off mere moments later, smiling to himself.

So, I am still going strong with these Wild Kratts. I have just been very busy lately.

This story was just a cute little fic I wrote up after seeing some specific episodes, and it was just too cute not to share. ^_^

I also drew and colored a rough little picture for this one, just to make myself happy, and while I’m not pleased with the quality of it [they look a bit off to me >.6] it’s still cute, so I’ll post it here as well:…

This isn't meant to be anything serious. Just something fluffy and silly, but do let me know what you think of it!

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Nice story twas quite fun. 

This show makes it hard not to envision these kinda scenarios.
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I know! The show itself is very fun. Obviously for kids, but still entertaining to watch. ^_^
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This was really cute!!
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Thank you!
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You're so welcome!
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AWWWW! G/T tummy cuddles are the best.
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They really are :)
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